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Gokhos Chapter


Gokhos ChapterPine Island District

They meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month at Camp Elmore's main pavilion located at 3301 SW 142nd Ave in Davie, Florida from 7-9 p.m. Gokhos is interpreted as “owl”.

April - Gohkos

Gokhos has had a very busy April. Gokhos successfully ran The Heron Grill at the 2016 Section Conference. Having over 20 brothers man both of the separate grills at each end of the camp. I am pleased to say that The Heron Grill raised over 3000 dollars during Section Conference. After Section Conference, we had our April Chapter meeting on the 18th where we went over the nomination and election process for new Chapter leadership. Unfortunately, due to Supertesting days, many of my brothers were unable to make it to the meeting. We had ten brothers attend, and 6 adult brothers attend. The nomination/election process will be continued over into the June meeting. Conch Craziness was also discussed and how to pay. In addition, Gokhos had had two brothers reach the honorable rank of Eagle Scout. Those brothers are Preston B. and Adam S.

Justin S.

February - Gohkos

Gokhos had had yet another very successful February. Our meeting was on February 8th at Camp Elmore at 7:30 pm. We had 23 members attend and discussed Scoutmasters Camporee, Coconut Grove Arts Festival, and Section Conference. Gokhos had a very strong representation at Scoutmaster this past Valentines Day weekend working The Heron Grill. After Scoutmasters, we had 8 Brothers attend The Coconut Grove Arts Festival stamping hands and taking tickets on Presidents Day. We also discussed Section Conference and got commitments from Brothers that will be attending.




Justin S
Order Of The Arrow / O-Shot-Caw Lodge
Gokhos Chapter Chief 2015 - 2016

January - Gohkos

Gokhos had a great December. We had our meeting on December 14th which was a holiday party that helped boost our attendance from the previous meeting of 10 Brothers, to 19 Brothers at the holiday party. Gokhos had has two elections in December and plan on having 15-20 Ordeal candidates at The Winter Ordeal and 5-10 Brothers seal their ties as well. We participated in The Thanksgiving Day Basket Drive at The First Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale and fed over 500 families; And in addition, we had two Brothers make the rank of Eagle Scout! Those Scouts are Timothy S and Justin S.



Justin S
Order Of The Arrow / O-Shot-Caw Lodge
Gokhos Chapter Chief
2015 - 2016

March Chapter Update

Over the past few months, the Purple NationΓÇÖs ranks have been swelling! With every passing meet-ing, I see more and more new faces ready and will-ing to show the lodge that Gokhos is the number 1 chapter! In January, we had members step up to be an elangomat, and many new members join our Chapter. With plenty of work to keep us busy, we helped improve one of our local scout camps. At the ordeal, we also had members on both the ceremonies and drum team perform for the first time.

Many of our members who sought out to seek service opportunities were granted the experience at the Heron Grill, Indian Village, and the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. I am proud of all the members that came to help support the lodge, and raise money for the Hal Hollis NOAC fund! We also showed up at the Lodge Banquet, fervently fighting to claim first in every event. Members showed that they would not go down without a fight!

We meet at Plantation United Methodist Church at 7:00 on the fourth Monday of every month.

December Update

The Gokhos Nation is overflowing with purple pride! Since my last update we have participated in many different events, giving service to the council, lodge, and district. At every meeting, we have greater attendance. As the Chief I have more pride than ever in my chapter, and am reminded constantly why I wanted this job as more and more members ask how they can serve their community. We have helped out at Cub Fun Day north by serving food, and helping man the canoe station. We set up a fantastic display for the Haunted Forest, with zombies as our theme. We helped serve Pine Island Districts holiday pot luck. We also participated in the first Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale's Thanksgiving Basket Project. We helped deliver over 200 Thanksgiving meals to those in need, and is definitely an experience that I and all Chapter members that attended will remember for a life time.

We meet at Plantation United Methodist Church at 7:00 on the fourth Monday of every month.