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Hnu-Ra-Con Chapter

hnu-ra-conHurricane District

They meet the first Monday of the month at the LDS Kendall Chapel located at 10000 SW 107 Ave at 7:30 p.m. Hnu-Ra-Con means "hurricane"


April - Hnu-Ra-Con

Hnu-Ra-Con Section Conference Report

This Section Conference was awesome! Our Chapter did a wonderful job coordinating and supervising the Lodge vs. Lodge and Quest for the Golden Arrow games. Of course, I could not have done this myself; with the help of Keyen, Nick, Vincent, Mr. Schwartzman, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Arbelo and many other chapter members we were able to complete our job the way we did. Our referees were as well prepared as possible and our set-up was on-point. On a side note, we had to cut out some Quest games due to a lack of Lodge participation, and our Chapter's gaga pit was used more than ever. If there were any things we did wrong, it doesn't matter because, "it's close enough for government work!" Mr. Schwartzman. Our Chapter also managed to put together our Lodge's teams that were competitive. Overall, I had an awesome time this past weekend and I do agree that we have the best lodge and ran the best Section S-4 Conference ever!

The Vision Continues,

Wyatt E.

Hnu-Ra-Con Chapter Chief

March - Hnu-Ra-Con

Hnu-Ra-Con March Patchwork Report


Finally we have completed our Gaga Pit! Our efforts paid off no doubt. At this past Lodge Banquet the Gaga Pit was a huge hit. Everyone in the Lodge was begging for a turn to get in the game. Because it was being used constantly by our Lodge Members, it turned into a dirt pit. On April 2nd we will add a layer of sand to the pit in order to keep our scouts much cleaner. The week after we refurbish our pit is Section Conference! We are preparing our Chapter torun the best games and competitions anyone has ever seen. The largest Challenge we are facing is recruiting enough man power. We are confident we will have the man power needed come Conference. The Thursday before the Conference we will have a Haunted Forest Pizza Party to celebrate our Golden Pumpkin award. Speaking of awards, we had three ofour Chapter members receive the Meritorious Service Award: Wyatt E (Chapter Chief), Vincent C (1st Vice Chapter Chief), and Barry Schwartzman (Chapter Advisor). We are looking forward to our District Camporee and Summer Ordeal/Fellowship activities.


See you next time!


ΓÇ£The ForceΓÇ¥

February - Hnu-Ra-Con

February Patchwork Report


Our biggest project of the year is on its final stages! We completed our fundraising efforts with a great result. We have raised just enough money to purchase our Gaga pit materials in full. We will build our pit on February 20th before helping out with the workday. Our second main event will be the Coconut Grove Arts festival. Our Chapter will be in full force for that weekend. We have an impressive amount of dedicated Arrowmen signed up and ready to cheerfully serve. Recently, our Chapter has taken an interest in staring up a southern ceremonies team. This would allow our chapter to help out our current ceremonies team and increase the number of active Arrowmen in our Chapter. Finally, the entire Hurricane district volunteered at the Feed My Starving Children packing event in Miami. The FMSC representatives were very pleased with the amount of people we brought out for their event. We packed enough food to feed over 1,000 children for a year in just a few hours!


See you next time!



ΓÇ£The ForceΓÇ¥

January - Hnu-Ra-Con

Hnu-Ra-Con Patchwork Report

On behalf of the Hnu-Ra-Con Chapter, we wish everyone a Happy New Year! Because we have such a festive spirit, we will be participating in the Feed My Starving Children program. This program allows us to show our community how we cheerfully serve. Our last Chapter Meeting included a practice run for our brotherhood bash for the Winter Ordeal. We have made sure to promote upcoming lodge events, and are getting ready to take on the Coconut Grove arts festival. During our eventful Chapter Meeting we managed to sign out car wash presale tickets. Additionally, we presented our Camporee Handbook/ Guide. Fully utilizing our Alien Scout Encampment theme, our Chapter will host the greatest Camporee ever! Watch out 2016, here comes the Hnu-Ra-Con Chapter!

ΓÇ£The ForceΓÇ¥

December - Hnu-Ra-Con

Hnu-Ra-Con December Patchwork

The Holidays are here and so is ΓÇ£The Force.ΓÇ¥ Our Chapter is certainly excited for our next coming meeting. We will be having our Holiday party and will also be celebrating our Haunted Forest success. Additionally, we will be participating in the ΓÇ£toys for totsΓÇÖ program. Instead of wings as mentioned before, we will be serving hot chocolate and doughnuts. We have also planned a car wash for January 24th and will kick off our Krispy Kreme fundraiser. This past VeteranΓÇÖs Day we completed a day of service by placing American flags on the graves of veteranΓÇÖs. The memorial was very thankful for our efforts. Once our fundraising is complete we will order our materials for gaga ball pit and build it. We are excited to have all our Chapter Officers at the next LEC.


Happy Holidays,

ΓÇ£The ForceΓÇ¥