O-Shot-Caw Lodge

South Florida Council, BSA

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2018 Lodge Banquet


Online Registration closes on February 25th at midnight.


All OA Members must have paid their dues to attend this event.  If you have not paid your 2018 dues, please select either the 1 year or 5 year option during registration.  If you have not paid your dues when you arrive at the banquet, you will be required to pay at that time.


Mar 02, 2018 -  Mar 04, 2018 at Camp Elmore


Register at https://events.sfcbsa.org/index.php/event/232/2018-OA-Lodge-Banquet 


Members = $30 for the weekend

Brotherhood Candidates = $42 for the weekend

Saturday Dinner Guests = $15

Come enjoy fun, fellowship and service with your chapter and help recognize our brothers for their Cheerful Service.

2018 Winter Ordeal and Annual Pass



Ordeal dates are January 12-14, 2018.

Register Online through January 5th at:



Ordeal Candidates are $35

Brother Candidates are $45 (subtract $5 for early bird discount until December 31st)

Brothers are $27 (subtract $5 for early bird discount until December 31st)


There is an additional $10 fee for on-site registrations for Ordeal Candidates and $20 for all other attendees.


Annual Pass Options

The Annual Pass includes registration for the Winter Ordeal, Lodge Banquet, Summer Ordeal, Fall Ordeal and Haunted Forest Fellowship for $100. On-time registration for each of these events would normally be $116. This pass is only available when registering for the 2018 Winter Ordeal. The Annual Pass does NOT include Annual Dues or Section events (Section Summit and Section Conference). If you do not attend an event, there are no refunds for the event. Your fees for that event will be donated to the Lodge. The Annual Pass does guarantee that you will receive the event patch.

There is also a New Member Annual Pass and a Brotherhood Conversion Annual Pass package available on the Winter Ordeal Registration page.


Annual Dues

Your 2018 Annual Dues must be paid in order to attend the event unless you are a New Member attending your first Ordeal.

Dues may be paid at the time of registration for 1 year at $12 or 5 years at $50.

There is also a special offer to pay for 2017 and 2018 for $25 until December 31st.

2018 Dues



Your 2018 dues can be paid online by following this link: https://events.sfcbsa.org/index.php/event/227/2018-OA-Dues

Dues are $12 through January 14, 2018 and are $17 any point after that. No Exceptions.

You may choose to pay your dues for 5 years (2018-2022) for $50 prior to January 14, 2018 or $55 any time after that by following this link: https://events.sfcbsa.org/index.php/event/227/2018-OA-Dues


You may also make a $12 dues donation anytime which will be used to pay for a youth who cannot afford their dues at the descretion of the Lodge. Go to https://events.sfcbsa.org/index.php/event/227/2018-OA-Dues.


Please remember that our Charter requires that all OA Youth Brothers be currently registered with a Boy Scout Troop or Team. Registration with a Pack, Crew or Ship is not sufficient for youth members.

Adult Brothers must be registered adults in the BSA.  Any unit affiliation is acceptable.



2017 Section Leadership Seminar

Friday, November 3, 2017 - Sunday, November 5, 2017

Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation, 1201 Boy Scout Road, Lake Wales, Florida

Section Leadership Seminar this year is hosted by Uh-Te-Yeh-Tee Lodge. This event is much more training-based relative to other Section events, such as Section Conference.


Pre-Registration closes on October 22nd at Midnight. After that, you must register on-site and pay the late fee.

Register Online at https://events.sfcbsa.org/index.php/event/225/2017-OA-Section-Leadership-Seminar


Chiefly Speaking - May 2017



Being the Best All- Around Lodge is something that we should feel very proud of. All year long, our leadership has worked extremely hard to improve this Lodge, but we never would have achieved this goal if we didnΓÇÖt have such a fantastic, committed, cheerful, and willing lodge behind us. I would like to thank every member of the O-Shot-Caw lodge who attended an Order of the Arrow event this year; YOU are the reason our lodge has prospered in the past 12 months!


It has been an incredible pleasure and honor to serve this mighty lodge as its Chief. Once again, IΓÇÖm very grateful for the efforts of this Lodge which allowed us to have such a productive year fulfilling the purpose of our Order.


CanΓÇÖt wait to see everyone at the Summer Ordeal!


Yours in Brotherhood,

Wyatt Engelmann

Lodge Chief