No On-Site Registration for Lodge Events

Please note that there is no On-Site Registration for any lodge events.  Registration for events closes on the Friday one week before the event starts to allow our cook team and staff to purchase supplies and be ready for the event.

This includes the following items:

Winter Ordeal and Annual Passes
Lodge Banquet
Summer Ordeal
Fall Ordeal
Fellowship at the Haunted Forest

In addition - any other event that offers pre-registration (Section Summit, Section Conference, etc.) will not be extended by O-Shot-Caw Lodge for online registration once registration opens.  If you receive emails from the Section stating otherwise, please know that we will adhere to the deadlines we set to avoid confusion and ensure that we have time to submit our payments to the event on time.  Section events usually offer an On-Site registration that you can pay directly to them, but will not receive any items from the Lodge unless there are extras available for purchase after all Pre-Registered Brothers have received their items.

Please be sure that your chapter members and Ordeal Candidates are aware of this information early enough to register for each event online.

The Chief, Membership, Ordeal and Brotherhood Committees, and Cook Team appreciate your support.

2018-2019 Lodge Officers Elected

At the summer ordeal on June 3rd, the Lodge held its election of officers for the coming year.


The results are as follows:

Lodge Chief - Keanu O. will work with the Lodge Adviser, Philip Engelmann.

1st Vice-Chief - Garry T. will work with Associate Lodge Adviser, Brad Schmidt.

2nd Vice-Chief - Patrick G. will work with Associate Lodge Adviser, Richard McEwan.

Secretary - Benjamin P. will work with Associate Lodge Adviser, Tom Robertson.

Treasurer - Joshua B. will work with Associate Lodge Adviser, Gary Beerman


2018-2019 Lodge Officers

2018 Dues



Your 2018 dues can be paid online by following this link:

Dues are $12 through January 14, 2018 and are $17 any point after that. No Exceptions.

You may choose to pay your dues for 5 years (2018-2022) for $50 prior to January 14, 2018 or $55 any time after that by following this link:


You may also make a $12 dues donation anytime which will be used to pay for a youth who cannot afford their dues at the descretion of the Lodge. Go to


Please remember that our Charter requires that all OA Youth Brothers be currently registered with a Boy Scout Troop or Team. Registration with a Pack, Crew or Ship is not sufficient for youth members.

Adult Brothers must be registered adults in the BSA.  Any unit affiliation is acceptable.



Updated Medical Forms

BSA Medical FormAll lodge members need to complete udpated Medical Forms and turn them in to Alex Holinko as soon as possible.

You can download the form from the National Website HERE. Be sure to follow the directions from the National Office to include whatever your upcoming activites are: Indian Summer, Summit Corps, etc.

2011-2012 Section Leaders from O-Shot-Caw Lodge

As you all know, the O-Shot-Caw Lodge has been home to some of the finest youth Section leaders for quite some time now. At this yearΓÇÖs Section Conference, the O-Shot-Caw Lodge became home to even more Section S-4 youth leaders in addition to one adult Section leader. Glenn Gomez of the Paldani Chapter was named the new Section Associate Advisor at this yearΓÇÖs Section Conference, the first Associate Advisor ever from O-Shot-Caw.

Becoming the Associate Section Advisor wasnΓÇÖt all just fun and games. Mr. Gomez became an adult leader in the Order of the Arrow by becoming the Associate Advisor of the Paldani Chapter and then moving on to the Advisor. Over the years in O-Shot-Caw, Mr. Gomez has been the adult Contingent Leader at National, and Section wide events ΓÇô Arrowcorps5 in 2008, FourCorps in 2010, and this summerΓÇÖs upcoming event: Indian Summer.

In addition to being the Paldani Chapter Advisor and the Adult leader for various events, Mr. Gomez has also held the position of Associate Advisor to the Ceremonies Team, Advisor to the Dance Team, and the Advisor of the Publications Committee. Within his troop ΓÇô 492 ΓÇô Mr. Gomez has served as Scoutmaster, and Life to Eagle Advisor. He now serves as the UnitΓÇÖs Charter Representative and of course Associate Advisor of Section S-4.

The Publications Committee and Staff on behalf of the entire O-Shot-Caw Lodge, would like to congratulate Mr. Gomez on all of his accomplishments and thank him for his constant dedication and servitude to the Order of the Arrow, Section S-4, and the O-Shot-Caw Lodge.