Reports & Updates

2016 Scoutmaster's Camporee

The OA's participation with scoutmaster's camporee is to promote fun and to peak children's interest in the Order. This scoutmaster's camporee was a great success. Many brothers gave up their weekend to volunteer at the OA native american village display or spend an evening cooking and serving food at O-shot-caw lodge heron grill. The OA village consisted of a display put on by each one of our teams (drum, dance, and cerimonies). Hundreds of scouts visited the village and participated in our tours. The tour was a time for each team to explain their purpose in the OA and explain how it related to the native culture. At the end of the tour the scouts would be at the camp promotions booth where they would receive at free "future arrowmen" t-shirt and a brief speech from the camp promotions chairmen. A section conference booth was also in place at this event in an attempt to raise awareness of the spectacular event just around the corner. Overall the event had an amazing turn out and the bothers of 265 were happy to help.

Forever yours,
Cody B

2015 Haunted Forest



The month of October is an exciting time for our Lodge! As everyone starts to get ready for the Holidays, O-Shot-Caw is getting ready for our largest annual fundraiser, The Haunted Forest. Every year, scouters from all over the council come together to help run this event that raises thousands of dollars to the Joseph Aaron Abbot Campership Foundation (JAACF), which gives back to the program that we all love by helping scouts afford summer camp.
This year as the Haunted Forest Chairman I am beyond pleased to say that this event was a total success. This was the second year we hosted the HF at our local camp, Camp Elmore, and our numbers were through the roof! We had over 600 campers stay the weekend, over 250 volunteers, and over 1400 people go through the trail. The production was truly phenomenal. Even though we experienced some rain on Saturday night we were still able to persevere with Cheerful Service as it only added to the effect of our spooky night. Most importantly, we had fun!

Each Chapter was outstanding and I am thankful for all of their help and participation. This year for the first time ever we had help from the Venturing Officers Association (VOA), as they had their own segment on the trail. It was exciting to have other scouters in our council come out and participate in a fun cause. I am truly pleased with everyoneΓÇÖs efforts and can only look forward to next yearΓÇÖs production with a new Chairman, new Chiefs, and new Lodge Officers.



Yours In Brotherhood,
Nick G
Haunted Forest Chairman 2015

2015 NOAC Recap

Last week the O-Shot-Caw Lodge Contingent of 53 Arrowmen attended  NOAC at Michigan State University. The weather was fantastic and the program put on by National led most to believe that this was the best NOAC we have had. The facilities were great, the food was good and the shows in the evening were spectacular.


The competition, as you would expect, was tough, but the O-Shot-Caw Lodge performed well and made us all very proud. 


The Ceremonies Team led by Jordan B., HONOR medaled in Pre-Ordeal and Brotherhood Ceremony. Glen Ogelsby also HONOR medaled in the Vigil ceremony.

The Drum team led by Sebastian R. received a Participation Ribbon and came in 6th out of 25 drums competing. Our Drum Team was 6th in the Nation.

The Group Dance Team led by Ryan R. came in 4th in the Nation.

Our Indivdual Dancer, Jake C., made it to the semi finals and Ribboned.


Overall the O-Shot-Caw Lodge showed great spirit and everyone knew we were there.

I felt great pride as a Contingent Leader and Lodge Adviser as a result of the outstanding performance of our teams. The arrowmen that represented our Lodge at NOAC conducted themselves in a way that made us all proud.

Again, thanks to another great O-Shot-Caw Contingent.




Bill Gilliland

2015 Lincoln-Marti Camporee

2015 Lincoln-MartiOn January 24th of 2015 O-Shot-Caw lodge assisted in the setting up and putting on of the Lincoln Marti
Indian village. The work day began at 7:30 A.M. and was completely over and take down at 5:50 P.M. A
total of 47 brothers came out to support the lodge and myself in our endeavors totaling approximately
417 hours of service. Lincoln Marti also gave both the dance and drum teams the opportunity to further
hone their abilities in preparation for section conference and eventually NOAC. Over the course of
Saturday we handed out a total of 105 O-Shot-Caw t-shirts to the scouts of Lincoln Marti.
On January 23rd O-shot-Caw poured concrete at camp Elmore in the amphitheater in preparation for
section conference. A total of 14 brother were in attendance totaling around 62 hours of service.

December 2014 Workday at Camp Elmore

On December 13th and 14th O-shot-caw lodge went out to camp Elmore to work on the camp amphitheater asjoomplu:8517
well as complete the piping that goes to the water front that was started on the November work days. On
Saturday the 13th O-shot-caw had 12 brothers out working the amphitheater this day was mainly focused around
digging up the amphitheater in preparation for laying down cement, Saturday totaled approximately 96 hours of
service. Sunday the 14th O-shot-caw had 13 brothers come out and work on the amphitheater as well as
complete the piping that runs to the water front, on Sunday 0-shot-caw cheerfully serviced for a total of 75 hours.

Glen O.
Lodge 2nd Vice