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2017 Fall Ordeal (9/08)

Fall Ordeal

For General Information about the Ordeal and what to bring, visit the Ordeal Page.

Ordeal dates are September 15-17, 2017 at Camp Elmore.

Register Online through June 8th at:




Ordeal Candidates are $40
Brother Candidates are $45
Brothers are $27

A $5 discount will apply to all attendees who register by the Sunday 2 weeks before the Ordeal (September 3rd). 

After September 8th, online registration will close and you will need to register onsite. There will be a $10 walk-up fee for onsite registration.


All Brothers must pay their dues to attend.  If you have not paid your 2017 Dues, you can pay them at time of registration.

2017 Dues (12/31/17)

Your 2017 dues can be paid online by following this link: https://events.sfcbsa.org/index.php/event/196/2017-OA-Dues

Dues are $12 through January 15, 2017 and are $17 any point after that. No Exceptions.

You may choose to pay your dues for 5 years (2016-2021) for $50 prior to January 10, 2016 or $55 any time after that by following this link: https://events.sfcbsa.org/index.php/event/196/2017-OA-Dues

Please remember that our Charter requires that all OA Youth Brothers be currently registered with a Boy Scout Troop or Team. Registration with a Pack, Crew or Ship is not sufficient for youth members.

Adult Brothers must be registered adults in the BSA.  Any unit affiliation is acceptable.



OA Adult Application

Any adult wishing to apply for membership in the Order of Arrow and O-Shot-Caw Lodge must complete the South Florida Council OA Form.  Do not use the National Form as it does not provide enough room for you to provide all needed information.




Complete the form and submit to the appropriate committee for recomendation.