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Chiefly Speaking

April - Chiefly Speaking



Take a moment to realize what the O-Shot-Caw lodge accomplished this past month by hosting the Section Conference. This was our first Section S-4 conference in 11 years and our rust conference at Camp Elmore. 

It has been almost two years since we began planning for this event, with monthly committee meeting and countless hours behind the scenes, the O-Shot-Caw lodge has been prepping to amaze section S-4 at conference. That's is exactly what we did. Throughout the weekend I had several lodge key 3's, section officers, and even people from last year's host committee tell me how great of a conference this was and how much fun they had. We have certainly raised the bar for hosting conference, and we ought to be very proud of our O-Shot-Caw Lodge. 


This has been, without a doubt, one of the most exciting and memorable times in the O-Shot-Caw lodge. For years to come, our future arrowman will be able to look back at this year and see what we accomplished. It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve as your chief, and more importantly be apart of this lodge at this significant time!

September - Chiefly Speaking

The first few months of my term as Lodge Chief have definitely been an exciting time for the Order of the Arrow and O-Shot-Caw lodge. NOAC 2015 was, without a doubt the best way to start our year. Many say that this was the greatest event ever held by the Order of the Arrow, and for good reason. It provided our arrowman an amazing opportunity to bond with each other, and discover the meaning and purpose of the Order of the Arrow. The event was focused not on the first 100 years, but the next 100 years. The theme, "It Starts with us," and it's learning theme, "Make change for tomorrow, with action Today," focused on how each arrowman can make a difference in the future.


In my perspective, it was a motivating event for our lodge. Where I saw our arrowman amazed with what the Order of the Arrow can be. This was evident in our first events after NOAC: the August LEC and LLD. At the first LEC, we saw every seat filled around our tables. It was great to see several new faces around the table. Being on the LEC comes with responsibility , but it is one of the most rewarding parts of our lodge.


At the Lodge Leadership Development, we had a weekend of training and fellowship at Camp Sawyer in the keys. It was also unique, as it was the Southernmost LLD in the country. This was innovative for us, as it was our first year having LLD as a weekend event at sawyer, and the training was different. The first part of training was focused on developing yourself as a leader, and the second was focused on Lodge training. I heard only positive comments in regards to the weekend.


Going forward, we have the fall ordeal and the Haunted forest. At both events will we need maximum participation and chapter support. At the fall ordeal, we will need people to be helping with work at camp in order to prepare Elmore for section conference. Haunted Forest this year is expected to be bigger than last year's event. However, it is only with your support and commitment can we make this happen and can we raised funds for those scouts who can't afford to attend camp.


Overall, I am incredibly excited for the upcoming year as Chief. I think our LEC has the potential to be the best in years, and I am looking forward to hosting the best conference s4 has had in years.



Mike B.


Lodge Chief

Chiefly Speaking - November 2014

September was a great month for the O-Shot-Caw Lodge. We had our Fall Ordeal at Camp Elmore, where we had 140 brothers come out, 13 sealed their ties in Brotherhood and 38 were ordeal candidates. There was a lot of service done throughout the weekend. Some of the projects that we completed were; building a few more walk bridges, putting mulch around the COPE course, putting a waterline to the Dance Arbor, cleaning Boy Scout Road, and preparing for the Haunted Forest. This Fall Ordeal we mixed things up, by moving the ceremonies earlier so we could have a bigger brotherhood bash. And the turnout was amazing! We had roughly 60+ youth waiting around the game to have their chance to play “Musical Chair Dodgeball,” which Hru-Ra-Con so successfully put on. Then the following morning we had our Business meeting and cleaned up camp.

Following the Ordeal, O-Shot-Caw put on the Haunted Forest, which is our biggest fund raiser for our Lodge and the Joseph Arron Abbott Campership Fund. We had record setting numbers that weekend, from 351 campers from packs around the council to 235 brothers that came out to put on this huge event! It went off without a scratch, Clayton Fischer was able to handle everything that came his way and made sure it was dealt with swiftly. We have already begun planning for next year and we are hoping to have over 500 campers come out for a weekend full of fun and activities.

November was a slow month for us, with only have the Section Summit at Camp Tanah Keeta. We had 23 brothers go and enjoy the training sessions that were put on. I heard great feedback from several members. The most memorable was from Preston Byk who told me, “This was the greatest event I have been to yet and cannot wait to for the next Lodge event!” Overall it was a great weekend.