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2017 Conch Crazziness


Password to enter registration: CouchCraziness

Registration closes 5/5 at noon

May 5th - May 7th

Pre-Sale price through April 29th is $30.

On-Time price through May 5th  is $35.

Price includes camping, two (2) patch set, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.


Conch Craziness is THE fellowship of Nok-Su Chapter. Nok-Su is a chapter of O-Shot-Caw Lodge and the most southern chapter in the continental United States.

Being one of the smallest chapters, Conch Craziness is one of the most open fellowships known. Any Arrowman is welcome to register and attend. We have had Arrowman from as far north as Jacksonville.

We are also trying to promote the OA so we are allowing OA members to invite a Boy Scout who is not in the OA yet. Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters that are already OA may bring more than one non-OA scout from their unit.

We will have on-site activities like games, movies, kayaking, service projects, and more. For those who want to participate in the off-site activities, there are extra costs associated. We have partnered with Sea Base for an off-shore fishing trip. There is a discount for the snorkeling trip out of Bahia Honda. Historic Tours of America has also offered discounts for their venues in Key West. We have found that with the wide variety of Scouters who attend that those who do not live in the Keys tend to want to explore them. By offering off-site activities, we are promoting opportunities for fellowship away from camp.

Sunday morning the Vigil Honor members have breakfast at a local establishment and we have a special third patch to our set for them. Basically, the patches are sold to the Vigils and the proceeds pay for the meal and tip.


2017 Summer Ordeal

Fall Ordeal

For General Information about the Ordeal and what to bring, visit the Ordeal Page.

Ordeal dates are June 2-4, 2017 at Camp Elmore

Register Online through May 26th at:




Ordeal Candidates are $40
Brother Candidates are $45
Brothers are $27

A $5 discount will apply to all attendees who register by the Sunday 2 weeks before the Ordeal (May 21st). 

After May 26th, online registration will close and you will need to register onsite. There will be a $10 walk-up fee for onsite registration.


All Brothers must pay their dues to attend.  If you have not paid your 2017 Dues, you can pay them at time of registration.

March/April 2017 general News and Updates



Find your inner O-Shot-Caw spirit, because we are heading to Section Conference!!! This Section Conference will be up in Brooksville, Florida April 21st-23rd and will be hosted by the Uh-To-Yeh-Hut-Tee Lodge.

    If you are an athlete, we will be competing in Volleyball, Lodge ball (dodge ball), ultimate Frisbee, inner tube water polo, flag football and tug-o-war. I’d love to see all of O-Shot-Caw’s Arrowmen in attendance!  


    Congratulations to all who received awards at Lodge Banquet. It is due to your determined efforts and dedication that our Lodge is able to thrive and continue to fulfill the Order’s purpose. See you at Section Conference 2K17 on April 21st-23rd, register today!!



Wyatt Engelmann

Lodge Chief

Chiefly Speaking - April 2017


    This is the O-Shot-Caw Lodge 265 website. Here, is anything from our very own “Patchwork” publication to service logs and registration information. Feel free to explore the vast amount information we have to offer.

    It is a pleasure to serve as your Lodge Chief, and I want you to join us in flying to greater heights than ever before. If you aren’t currently an active Arrowmen, now is the time to be one! I hope to see some new and familiar faces at out next Lodge event.


Yours in Service,

Wyatt Engelmann

Lodge Chief